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Sud'z Bath Cloth

Sud'z Bath Cloth

SKU: 195893117543

 High quality Turkish cotton Luxury designed for you. When you take a shower that time should be one of the most relaxing times of the day or night. I was tired of washing with regular washcloths or loofahs and the soap never lasted. I decided to make a cloth that not only retains soap but also creates plenty of soap lather for your entire showering needs. The Sud’z Bath Cloth is different in many ways than the traditional wash cloth. Sud’z Bath Cloth has two sides that are colored, one for the face washing and one for the body washing. The bath cloth cleans itself for many uses before it’s time to wash it in the washing machine. Sud’z Bath Cloth offers the following and more: a plush insert that allows you to press the cloth into your skin for a deep cleaning removing dirt for skin crevices, helps women wipe away eye makeup easier, creates magnitude of soap suds to keep soap lather on your body- so you can wash your body thoroughly, takes the traditional size of 12x12x2 inches-that helps with washing your back, hang and dry the cloth by provided hang loop, the bath cloth is washer/Dryer safe and made of high quality fabric material. TURKISH Cotton is a premium long-fiber cotton grown exclusively in the Aegean Region. Similar to Egyptian cotton, the long fibers yield stronger and smoother threads than regular cotton. TURKISH Cotton becomes softer and more comfortable against the skin over a period of time.The Sud’z Bath Cloth outperforms all other washcloths in too many ways to count. I recommend this cloth as a must-have for your relaxing bath or showering experience.

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